Coffee Options

By Cosmic Cafe

Meet Jason Reed, not only does he build the awesome Airstreams you see at our events, but he also is a passionate expert level barista from the other side of the pond. Jason has built several coffee bar options great for small to grandiose events. 

cosmic cafe

Professional Barista Experience

Our Barista Bars are priced based on guest count. There is a 3-hour minimum for this service and it includes unlimited hand-crafted coffee drinks. 

starting at $450


cosmic cafe

Coffee Bar Trailer

Great for morning events, brunch, corporate parties or couples that want to keep the party energized. Includes 1 Barista and unlimited coffee drinks.


starting at $650

Self-serve coffee bars

Starbucks brand regular and decaf coffee styled with:

Traditional Creamer
2 Flavored Creamers
Non-Dairy Creamer
Honey, Sugar, Splenda, Stevia
Paper Cups


starting at $250

Let’s Cheers

Private parties, weddings, corporate functions, non-profit fundraisers or Airbnb designs,  let us make hosting and entertaining easy.