How it works:

You Bring the Guests, We Bring the Party.

With Sol-Tree, you are able to customize your entire experience with us from timelines all the way to cocktails. We are here to serve you.

How the process works:

1. Consultation
The very first step is to reach out and tell us about your event by submitting an inquiry via our “LET’S BE SOLMATES” form on our website. Once you tell us a little bit about your event we will then ask you a lot about your event. We begin by collecting more details than necessary about your vision, budget, expected guest count, location, etc.
2. Your Proposal
Once we have all the details about your event, we will send you our brochure via our secure event management platform. We use this portal for all of our coordination, communication and planning.

After browsing our digital brochure you can choose the services, packages, rentals, etc.

3. Contract & Deposit
Once you are 101% excited about your planned beverage experience, you’ll sign the agreement and pay a 50% deposit, depending on the packages and services requested. After you’ve done these two things your date will officially be reserved and you’ll have booked Sol-Tree Cocktail Co. for your event!

Next, comes the fun part.

4. The Cocktail Questionnaire

This is when the fun begins! Choosing your cocktail menu is our favorite part! We have several options and menus to choose from pre-batched cocktails, kegged cocktails or made-to-order craft cocktails. Together we create your signature cocktails. (Why have signature cocktails? We will talk about that a little later, too).

We build your cocktail menu based on your love story, colors, event theme, company brand, preferred spirits, and budget. We even ask about your first date and fundraising goals. We want your menu to have a purpose.

5. Personalized Payment Plans
$50 a week, $500 a month, Bitcoin, however, you want to pay, we can personalize the amounts, dates, and frequencies of your payments along the way. All Events must be paid in full 14 days prior to execution.
6. Product Procurement

Worried about what to buy and how much? No need, we create your shopping list for you!

We include everything you will need the day of down to how many limes, how many pounds of ice, and which cup size serves each cocktail or beverage best.

Too busy to shop? Let us create a Wal-Mart, Instacart, or TotalWine order for you and have it delivered. Still not sure? No problem, leave it all up to us and we will provide you with a complete bar experience.

7. The Event Questionnaire

14 days before your event we’ll send one last final event questionnaire to confirm all of your finalized event details. And we like to know all the details!

We want to make sure your bartender knows all of these details, also. We print and add this questionnaire to our bar kits for the bartenders on the day of your event. They will know everything from where to park when to arrive, what to wear, when to stop serving, what to pack up, and who calls the shots.

8. Event Execution

We show up 1.5 hours prior to the event start time and get to work right away. Our staff will set up the bar, ice your beers, cut the fruit, display the bottles and be ready in uniform to serve 20 minutes prior to your guest’s arrival. Let the memories begin!

9. The Hangover Policy

2 Asprin – Lots of Water – Netflix & well, you know the rest…

10. Your Best Review

After the pictures have been posted, the hangovers have cured and the memories have been made, we will ask you for the best compliment we could receive — a review. 

Now for the technicalities.

By law, we are a “pouring services”. We do not cater food, nor are we a liquor store, therefore can not provide the alcohol for you. We can not offer cash bars and we can not sell alcohol in any manner.

But, that’s great news for you!!! Because now you can choose the brands you prefer, keep the leftovers and stay within your budget.

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Let’s get this party started!

Inquire for your perfect cocktail experience.