Elements to a Perfect Bar

Licenced & Insured Craft Bartenders

Our bartenders are knowledgeable, friendly, organized and above all else, professional. All Sol-Tree Staff hold ServSafe Certifications and are insured by FLIP, Inc.

We each have over ten years of experience behind a bar and are true cocktail professionals. Our staff never packs up “early” or ends the event prior to closing time. We know the difference between a night behind the bar and serving your friends and family on YOUR wedding/event day. 

Professional Bar Set-Up, Bar Decor & Tools

We stage our bars with wooden wine crates, crystal or metal fruit dishes (depending on the look of your event), clear acrylic tip jars, glass juice crafts, silver pour spouts, gold frames, and various bar signs for fun.

We use only black, white or tan coolers for our ice. And our bar tools and mixers come in black creates for an organized and professional look. We take our looks very seriously at Sol-Tree!!


When your bar features signature cocktails, many things happen:

Cocktail hour will go smoothly as all of your guests flood in for their first sip of your celebration!

Most guests will stick to enjoying their favorite cocktails throughout the evening.

You get the best kind of leftovers you can have – booze, you actually enjoy drinking!

The Shopping List

How much? What kind? Which brand? What size? From where? How many?

We have you covered! We will let you know exactly what you need and how much, down to the limes! We let you know which spirits to buy, how many beers you should offer, how many mixers you will need, types of garnish to stock, how many pounds of ice, and which cups serve the best cocktails. We promise not to forget a thing!!

Servers & Staff for Hire

We offer your entire hospitality team, including (but not limited to):

Host Assistant
Food Servers
Kitchen Prep
Bar Backs
Parking Attendants
Valet Services
Set-Up/Tear Down Crew
Trash Haulers


Club Soda
Tonic Water
LaCroix Flavored Water
Diet Cola
Ginger Ale
Margarita Salt
Orange Juice
Cranberry Juice
Pineapple Juice
Grapefruit Juice
Fresh Lime
Sour Mix

Garnish Options


Lemons – Limes – Oranges
Olives – Cherries


Strawberry – Blueberry
Grapefruit – Jalapeño  

Mint – Basil – Cilantro – Rosemary 


We’ve got glass on glass! Fully stocked with every option:

Water goblets
Wine glasses
Pilsner glasses
Rocks glasses
Martini glasses
Champagne flutes
Coffee cups
Juice crafts
Water pitchers

Plastic Cups

We breakdown our plastic cup options as follows:

Small / 9 oz for wine and rocks pours

Cocktail Cups / 12 oz for mixed drinks and beer 

 Solo / 16 oz is a standard solo cup for keg beer.

Ice, Ice, Baby

NO, you can not ever have too much!!! But we can tell you how much is just right based on your guest count and hours of service.

We offer ice delivery services and cooler rentals!

Sanitation Station

Spread love – not germs! We will offer a sanitizing station at the bar. Check out Etsy and Pinterest for more fun signs, station ideas, and gift options.

Hydration Station

Spread love – not germs! We will offer a sanitizing station at the bar. Check out Etsy and Pinterest for more fun signs, station ideas, and gift options.


“Trust us, you can dance!”

“Don’t stop dancing!”

Yard Games

Kids aren’t the only ones who like to play yard games.  Jenga, Cornhole, Checkers, and Ring Toss have become a trendy way to incorporate motion into your wedding day.

We offer custom monogrammed take-home yard Jenga for $150. It’s yours to keep!

Sip Station

For large weddings, we love recommending using sip savers so guests can hit the dance floor or use the restroom while safely keeping their drinks at their seats.

Cocktail Tables

Four – six cocktail tables during cocktail hour provide your guests a place to mingle while saying hello, enjoying hors d’oeuvre and a place to set cocktails.  

Bar menus, timelines, hashtag signs, simple floral arrangements or candles are fun ways to add decor and personal elements to these tables. 

Shoe Dresser - Coming Soon

Kick off your heels and get footloose. We currently are in the process of painting our first shoe dresser to rent. 

We want to encourage your guests to get their booty out on the dance floor. 

Be My


Private functions, to barology, to weddings. Let’s make entertaining easy.

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